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Right wing extremists were celebrating yesterday. A lot of them are interpreting the decision by the Bureau of Land Management to de-escalate the tensions over the Bundy Cattle Fuss as a victory in the first battle of a new civil war.

We have big escalating issues here with an out of control government. Otherwise this entire government continues down the road to Russian style tyranny and control.

Civil war better now than later!

It will be Western US/State water/ag rights, that drive a new civil war. This battle, will be once again, motivated by Federal vs State. Water rights will be the up-front issue, used to fog the actual take over, by the Feds- of total control of State rights.

From Bunker Hill to Bunkerville…

I confess, I have mixed feelings about this. I think it was probably wise for the BLM to pull its personnel out of the area. It…

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FINAL DAYS of our Kickstarter!

busy mockingbird


I cannot tell you how very excited I am that our Kickstarter campaign has been a success!  We made enough to print our book!  I made a stretch goal in the hopes of printing our little animal storybook, and we made THAT goal as well!  Woohoo!   Everyone seemed to be completely confident we would make it except me, so I cannot TELL you how amazing this whole thing has been.  I am jumping up and down in my head with excitement!

So I’m gonna go wild and set ONE FINAL GOAL in the last few remaining days of our Kickstarter campaign.  I want to see if we can make it to $24,500 to add more pages to our book!  If we can make this goal, I will include an EXCLUSIVE PRINT available ONLY to Kickstarter backers who pledge $25 or more!  This means if you already pledged and we…

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Filing for Bankruptcy on Your Own

With the number of people who are going bankrupt increasing rapidly in the last few years, even filing for bankruptcy is quickly becoming impossible. With the global recession eating into most people’s savings, the philosophy of doing things on your own is becoming quite popular as far as most things we do is concerned. When every penny is worth so much, how do you think people are going to get the $ 2,000 required to hire a San Diego bankruptcy attorney & file? Even though most attorneys allow you some time to make your payments, when you don’t even know how you are going to pay for your next meal, how do you expect to pay a lawyer over a period of time? There are multiple options available on the internet for such people, but this isn’t like ordering a vacuum cleaner, you need to do proper research and ensure that everything you do is legal. I, personally, wouldn’t suggest trying to file for bankruptcy yourself unless you have lots of time on your hands.

The US constitution allows any person to represent themselves in front of a court.

Filing for bankruptcy is part of the legal system as well which means that you can do so on your own. The do-it-yourself industry got a lot of popularity in the early 90’s but this popularity didn’t quite make the move to the internet. But today, with people struggling to make ends meet, do-it-yourself is making a comeback and fast. There are a lot of websites on the internet that help you with filing for bankruptcy, but you can’t really be sure of the reputation of the website you are viewing and how can you go by the advice of an unknown person?


One other option you have is to hire a paralegal to draft out your petition. You can then take the petition and file it yourself. But remember, the paralegal will not be able to offer you any legal advice and will definitely not be able to appear on your behalf at your 341 meeting. You will have to do so on your own.

So you see bankruptcy isn’t as simple as most people make it out to be. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account when it comes to filing these petitions and the chances of making a costly mistake are quite high. So instead of being at risk of digging a deeper hole for yourself, why don’t you just hire a bankruptcy attorney & let them take care of everything.

Early Theme Adopters: Spun

The WordPress.com Blog

Spun  has only been around for a few short months, but you’ll encounter its unmistakeable look on thousands of sites, from personal blogs to photographers’ homepages.

As the three sites we feature today show, you can tweak Spun‘s signature design, which organizes posts’ featured images into tidy rows of circles, without losing the theme’s blend of elegance and playfulness.

dreams of designer

dreams of designer spun theme

dreams of designer, a fashion blog, is using Spun‘s out-of-the-box look to great effect. The blogger has opted to keep each post’s featured image black-and-white on the homepage (the theme’s default). Then, when readers hover over the images, they pop with color again — a nice touch for the blogger’s curated looks.

Apply Generously: Nature-Yoga-Life

apply generously spun theme
Stephanie Floerke, the blogger behind Apply Generously, has embarked on a yearlong quest to publish daily on yoga, health, and travel.

Spun‘s layout combines her colorful photos into a cheerful mosaic, while her focus…

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Documenting the Streets: Street Photography Tips from Dominic Stafford

The Daily Post

A street photographer must adapt, improvise, and blend in to any situation — and be ready to find beauty in even the dullest of scenes.

Photographing on the streets is like no other form of photography. It’s real, it’s pure luck, and most importantly it shows life as it is, in real time. A street photographer must adapt, improvise, and blend in to any situation — and be ready to find beauty in even the dullest of scenes.

When I brave the streets of South East Asia, I never really think about anything else other than: “Would that be a good shot? Would that be a good shot? Or would that be a good shot?” I’m in photo mode, and it can become quite tiring. After thirty minutes I’m sitting down, enjoying a soft drink. But even then, I think: “That would be a great shot, and that would…

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